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Research Department


Head of Department:

Oding Nina, Ph.D.
Tel. (812) 746-89-79

        Employees of the department:

  • Varlamova Olga
  • Elovkov Alexander
  • Andrei Zaostrovtsev, Ph.D.
  • Kadochnikov Denis, Ph.D.
  • Kostygina Elena
  •  Savulkin Lev, Ph.D.
  • Marina Savchenko
  • Dmitry Ushakov, PhD

The Research Department that was established in 1991, is a major structure in the "Leontief Centre". There are 9 academic staff, 4 of whom has a degree and two are enrolled in graduate school. The high scientific potential allows studying the problems of macro-and microeconomics.  The studies of fundamental aspects of the region's economy during the transformation of economic relations are of a high importance:

  • urban planning and municipal services
  • real estate market
  • investment development of the region
  • public finances
  • privatization of state and municipal property
  • corporate governance
  • antimonopoly regulation
  • labor market
  • standard of living
  • social economy

Employees of the department are members of the Association of Public Economics (Aspe) www.aspe.spb.ru . Oding is a member of the Council of the Association.
Head of the Research Department is a member of the advisory board of the Northern Dimension Research Centre (NORDI), Lappeentanta University of Technology.


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